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Dictionnaire démographique multilingue (première édition, 1958)

Catégorie:Coherent with the 1985-standard (Spanish)

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List of pages coherent with the second edition of the Spanish multilingual dictionary published in 1985.

  • The Spanish section of the dictionary has been published 3 years after the English (1982) and 4 years after than the French (1981). Some words, sentences or even sections do not exist in the Spanish section and in some other languages derived from the Spanish.
  • The Spanish "standard" corresponds mainly to an harmonization between the French and English sections (some terms or sentences are missing in the French and not in the English and vice-versa).
  • A page has been added to this category if an error or a missing text term has been detected by a special program. If it was not an error or if the text term can't be translated, please consider that the page has been checked and add this category to the page.



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