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Dictionnaire démographique multilingue (première édition, 1958)

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List of pages coherent with the second edition of the German multilingual dictionary published in 1987. The German section of the dictionary has been published in 2 years after the Spanish (1985), 5 years after the English (1982) and 6 years after than the French (1981). Some words, sentences or even paragraphs have been added in the German section.

  • The German "standard" corresponds to a natural harmonization between all languages because other languages, even if published later (Arabic 1988, Japanese (1994), Czech (2005), have never used the German new text terms. Probably because the most important advantage of the dictionary was harmonization.
  • We hope that the wiki technology, will help authors to discuss the terminology introduced by the German team of 1987.
  • It can be a goal in order to produce a "unified" second edition even if we all know that 1987 is more that 25 years back.
  • A page has been added to this category if some text terms were missing in comparison to the German edition of 1987.

Add this category to this page if you translated the page and add all the text term (some text term may not be used in your language). This is done by adding in the talk page of the page one of these templates:

  • {{untranslatable German term|page|section|section-note}} for example {{translated German term|15|152|152-5}}
  • {{translated German term|page|section|section-note}} for example {{translated German term|15|152|152-5}}



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